Energy Security

“Today, energy cuts across the entirety of U.S. foreign policy.  It is a matter of national security and global stability. It is at the heart of the global economy. It’s an issue of democracy and human rights. It has been a top concern of mine as secretary. And it is sure to be the same for the next secretary of state.”

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
October 2012

Energy Citizens believe that a strong domestic oil and natural gas industry means greater energy security and national security for all Americans. 

A more secure energy supply

A strong domestic energy industry can allow the United States to decrease its dependence on imported petroleum products. The industry operates on a global basis in response to fluctuating consumer demand for oil and natural gas, but America can choose whether to manufacture more of these products at home or import them from other countries.

Greater investment in America’s energy infrastructure

U.S. refineries are expanding and upgrading equipment so they can process heavier crudes, including those available from Canadian oil sands. These supplies can help replace declining crude oil imports from Mexico and Venezuela.

Supporting America’s military and our veterans

The U.S. Department of Defense is the single largest energy consumer in America, and 80 percent of their demand is met with oil. The oil and natural gas industry not only supplies provides the nation’s military with secure fuels, but also provides affordable and clean fuel products to American industries that rely on them to manufacture the hundreds of thousands of consumer products that Americans depend on every day.

Beyond fuel, the energy industry works to provide well paying jobs opportunities for military veterans. Many veterans use take advantage of industry on-the-job training.